From time to time the Mayor or the Mayor and Council may choose to appoint special committees or councils to investigate, negotiate or otherwise  consider and provide recommendations on certain


matters.  Absent a specific delegation of power, the role of the committees and councils is limited to providing advice.




The Mayor’s Advisory Council On Emergency Services was created to examine the ways in which the Borough can best satisfy the emergency services needs of the of the Borough, including the needs of the Fire Department, First Aid Squad and Office of Emergency Services in the most cost-effective manner.


The Advisory Council is required to examine the needs of the Borough administration and departments, as well as all relevant aspects of Roosevelt emergency services.  In developing recommendations, members of the Advisory Council are required to consider feasibility, cost, financing, and regulatory requirements, both of new construction and of repair and renovation of existing facilities, as well as alternative ways of having emergency services provided.

The Advisory Council is charged with presenting a

report to the governing body containing fully

developed plan recommendations.  If no fully developed recommendation is adopted by unanimous consensus, the Advisory Committee report will include each fully developed recommendation in its report.


The Council is comprised of six members appointed by the Mayor, one of which members is designated by the Mayor as Chairperson.  In addition to the Chairperson, the Mayor appointed two Councilpersons and one representative from each of the Fire Department, the First Aid Squad and the ‘Committee to Oppose Ordinance No. 2015-007, entitled “Bond Ordinance Providing for the Construction of an Emergency Services Building’’.

A list of current members of the Advisory Council is accessible here.  Council documents, such as agendas and minutes, are accessible here.

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