The Roosevelt Borough Environmental Commission, which is established pursuant to State law, prepares an inventory of the natural and environmental resources of the municipality, which it submits to the Planning Board. The inventory includes identification of stream corridors, wetlands, floodplains, forestry resources, steep slopes, important open spaces, scenic areas, wildlife habitat, cultural features and potential public recreation and conservation lands.


The Environmental Commission also provides new and updated planning studies and reports describing strategies to protect natural and environmental resources including plans for the creation, protection or preservation of greenways, open spaces, stream corridors, forestry or scenic resources, and trails or bikeways. The Environmental Commission may also prepare draft ordinances or master plan amendments to protect natural and environmental resources for referral to the Borough Council and Planning Board, and may undertake projects designed to disseminate information to the public concerning environmental resources.




The Environmental Commission is entitled to receive informational copies of every development application submitted to the Planning Board and may submit reports and evaluations of development applications to the Planning Board.


The Environmental Commission is comprised of nine residents of the Borough, each of whom is appointed by the Mayor.  There are seven regular members and two alternate members.  The Mayor designates one member as chairperson and one member of the Commission must also be a member of the Planning Board.  Commission members are appointed for three year terms and continue in office until appointment and qualifications of their successors.  Alternate members serve for two years and do not act on any matter unless a regular member is absent or disqualified.  Commission documents, such as agendas and minutes, are accessible here.

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2016 Members

EITAN GRUNWALD , Chairperson - Term Expires  12/2016

MARY TULLOSS, Vice- Chairperson - Term Expires  12/2016

STACEY BONNA, Council Rep - Term Expires  12/2018

JOE TRAMMELL, Planning Board Rep - Term Expires  12/2018

SHARYN WALZ, Member - Term Expires  12/2017

BETH BATTEL, Member  - Term Expires  12/2017

DANIELLE VAN SALISBURY, Alternate 1 - Term Expires  12/2016

VACANCY, Alternate 2 - Term Expires  12/2017